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Producerial and Management Services

TML Enterprises has produced and managed international and local productions on all scales with or without financial involvement.



Producer, administrative and accounting services including but not limited to long term strategy and day to day running including legal, insurance, accounts, reporting, payroll and co ordination of venue, staff, crew and season maintenance from 

TML office.


Investment Proposals


Creating Investor Information Memorandums, Budgets, Recoupment Forecasts and Contracts.




Preliminary budgeting and forecasts, daily box office and financial status reports, cash flow and investor/producer reports.




Creative placements and contracting.


Structuring and Monitoring


Structuring tours and monitoring seasons and on sale periods. Negotiating and contracting with venues.


Marketing and Publicity


Full supervision, direction and implementation of marketing and publicity campaigns from launch to close including design.




Full casting service including audition notice distribution, advice and selections, advertising, venue and equipment hire to contracting, employment and replacement.



Cash flows, GST and tax monitoring and payments. Payroll services. Reporting as above.




Production management services including employment, contracting and payment of crew, set and costume construction, freight, hires, bump in, running and bump out co ordination.




Hotel and apartment accommodations, air and ground transport coordination.




Proposal submissions for principal (naming) and minor sponsors (e.g. hotel, wine, beer, vehicles).




Inspection and monitoring of ticket sales reports. Generating marketing opportunities. Coordination of group launch and subsequent sales




Corporate Sales


Implementation of marketing strategies for on-sellers and corporates (e.g. Qantas Box Office, Visa Preferred, Showbiz stay and see packaging, Fly Buys etc)




Creation and maintenance of programme and merchandising including design, printing, manufacturing and sales.

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